s2 e1: the beauty behind barbers & books

S2 E1 with Quinton Richardsonv3.png

In This Episode…

In this episode, Tenecia Nicole sits with Quentin Richardson, Owner of Hygienix Barber Company and they discuss the importance of literacy inside a barber shop.

About the Shop: 

Hygienix Barber Company is an exclusive barber lounge for individuals who appreciate the nostalgia associated with classic barbershops. They specialize in straight razor shaves, relaxing hot towel services, enhanced outlines, precise tapers, and meticulous trims.



s2 e2: Trust Me, I’m A Quitter

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In This Episode…

In this episode, Tenecia Nicole sits with Jason B . Montanez, author of I’ve Got 99 Things to Quit and Giving Up is One! They discuss the thoughts, feelings and behaviors you need to quit before you succeed.

About the Author: 

Jason B. Montanez has been leading, motivating, and inspiring people all across the United States. Whether it was on the football field, in a call center, in a retail store, or in a corporate office, Jason has helped others to realize their highest abilities in leadership, sales, and care.

After spending eleven years in Corporate America, Jason decided that his impact was not as great as he would like. In other words, his ability to influence people was somewhat limited to the people in his organization. Through his experiences and the experiences of others, Jason decided to start The Catapult Leadership Group to "Launch the Leader Within You" through leadership sales, and customer care. Why? Because Jason believes that everybody possesses leadership qualities and tendencies, but some need a GPS to guide them to their destination. Also, Jason firmly believes and has great conviction, that if one focuses on being a great leader, a great salesperson, and actually cares about themselves and others, that success will be imminent professionally and personally.

Educationally, Jason holds two Bachelor’s Degrees (Communication & Psychology) from the University at Buffalo, an M.B.A. with a concentration in Leadership from Tiffin University, and an Executive Leadership Certificate from Notre Dame University’s Mendoza School of Business.

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Spring Valley, NY, Jason now resides in Houston, TX.